Our Appreciation

I am overwhelmed by the support of so many organizations, programs, businesses and friends who have helped through all the phases of our adventure in opening The Point at Palacios.

I received my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston-Victoria (UH-V), so when my husband and I looked into acquiring The Point, I went to UH-V Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for help.  There I met Brian Cunningham who made many trips to Palacios and his guidance helped me to pursue the goal of running this store. Since I live in Matagorda County, to get the help offered here, I needed to leave Brian’s guidance. I met Kyle Smith, another wise and patience advisor serving Matagorda County through the Coastal Plains SBDC.

I want to thank the following people for their assistance:

  • Michael Strotheide, former Director of Matagorda Economic Development Corporation
  • Pam Oliver and Marian Medrano of Palacios Chamber of Commerce
  • David Kocurek, City Manager and his staff at the City of Palacios
  • Brandy Garcia, former Director of The Hub
  • Mike Price and Chip Woolf of SCORE
  • Board Members of the Bert West Grant
  • James Gibson, Precinct 3 Commissioner, and his staff.

I also want to thank the following businesses:

  • Brandi Proctor of Subway
  • Tony and Kathy of Diamond Mart
  • Kim Chau of Kim’s Kitchen
  • Christina Flores of Lowes Food
  • Voc Tran of Tran’s Restaurant

A special thank goes to my most enthusiastic cheerleaders (really, yell leader) Nancy and Richard Rhodes.  You are truly beautiful souls. Your encouragement, your faith in my ability and your assurance that The Point really is good for our community, for Palacios, my family and myself has encouraged me to open this business.

I am grateful to the generosity of Rob Kessler from the Baptist Encampment for being my resource. Instead of Google, I go to Rob. Thank you for continually taking my phone calls and texts.

Thank you to my hip and talented architect/designer duo: Sadie Ritcher and Kristinna Campos. You both became my teachers and your assignments took almost six months to finish! I hope you are pleased with the result. I love it. Thank you for your generosity for volunteering in helping me renovate The Point. Your reward will happen every day when customers walk through the door of The Point and are surprised and pleased with the environment.  Know that I am forever grateful to you both.

I am also in debt to Jody Sanchez and Dave Dawson. Jody, thank you for being my true friend. Mr. Dawson, you did not know that you would have to raise a daughter at this phase of your life (or mine). I hope you are proud of how much I grew and changed for the better, in parallel to how much The Point improved under your care, my maintenance director.

Thank you to my talented carpenter and cousin, Ike. Thank you for leaving the big city of Houston to come to Palacios. The inside work speaks for itself. How fitting is that?  You are truly living “actions that speak louder than words”.

Thank you to Mr. Peacock and the 8th grade Shop class and high school Construction Trades for making the beautiful tables and stools. I want to feature the talents of our community. Thank you for your understanding, support and help in achieving this vision.

Another Thank you goes to my neighbors, Carl and Marty Riecks who volunteered to power wash the building so we could paint! Also a thanks to Rose and Bruce Mobley for the planters our front and Marty for starting an herb garden for us.

Thank you Belinda Strotheide of Seed Stock Media for bringing The Point into the cyber world.

Thank you to my daughter, Jennifer, and son in law, Zach Lopez, for the painting and design of the restroom and office walls.

Thank you to my daughter, Tiffany for designing the logo and business card.

And to the most important passion of mine, my husband, Bryan Thuc Tran, thank you for your wish and vision to get The Point back into our family. I know Tony would want that too. I cherish your love and sacrifice to make this happen. I know you would love to be the one who operates The Point. Thank you for putting in long hours at the plant and at The Point so that we can run smooth and successful.